A Child is Born….

At this most precious time of year for families everywhere and for Christians in particular, we are grateful and celebratory of the birth of the Christ-child.

Ironically, First Focus (Washington, D.C.) released a new publication today on the status of children in our country as impacted by the recession we are enduring. The report finds:

  • 2.7 million more children lived with an unemployed parent during a typical month in 2011, compared to 2007 (an increase of 71%), bringing the 2011 total to 6.5 million children;
  • 3 million (47% of those living with an unemployed parent) lived, during a typical 2011 month, with a parent unemployed six months or longer;
  • 8 million more additional children relied upon SNAP for food in 2011, compared to 2007, bringing the total number of children receiving SNAP to 21 million (one in four) nationwide;
  • 16 million children (more than one in five) currently live in poverty
  • At least 8 additional states became high child poverty states (where more than one-in-five children live in poverty) during the recession, pushing the total number of high child poverty states to 22

As we are mindful of that Babe born on Christmas Day in minimal physical conditions for thriving, let us be mindful also of the children of America and our duty to care for them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,