About Us

Typically our clients must navigate large systems of regulations and rules whether governmental or industry-related. With an experienced team of professionals who are personally as well as professionally committed to the contracts we accept, we identify opportunities and uncover potential obstacles in mapping a route to achieve of your goals.

Our consultants provide you and your organization with timely, cutting-edge support. We help relieve the pressure from imposing outside forces which would otherwise dramatically impact the work that motivated you to enter business originally. 

Dr. Boyd founded Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. in 1994 to align the vision(s) of clients with reality whether in the public or private sector or in evidencing success in advocacy campaigns or public policy.

Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. is composed of a network of consultants. Click here for consultant team. Contact us at 1-877-808-0941 or email info@policyandperformanceconsultants.com.