Woe, to be a child in America…..

According to US Treasury Secretary, in the U.S. today , 40% of children born each year are covered by Medicaid. If you are born today in hard-pressed communities in many American cities, like St. Louis or Baltimore, you are more likely to die before your first birthday than if you were born in Sri Lanka or Belarus.

Yet Congress and the States are focusing on Medicaid cuts, now that seniors, hospitals, and physicians have rallied again Medicare cuts.

I am all for system reform. HOWEVER, please distinguish between the child utilizers of Medicaid (57%) and the total amount of Medicaid funds used (only 21% for children) and possible duplication or need for reform in other parts of the system. I am also for fairness, including revenue enhancements as needed to fulfill our destiny to “care for the poor and orphaned”.

Once again, children do not have a loud voice in policy discussions and cannot adequately defend themselves from fiscal assault….or any other injustice which sent them into the Medicaid system in first place.

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