It could have been us…

It could have been us: Oklahoma, Idaho, Alabama, Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia…..or any of the 50 states. Any of us could have been the victims of the hatred displayed today in Tucson, Arizona.

Today is an urgent call to come together and re-affirm our republic, our democracy, our way of governing, our respect for those who risk life, family, and fortune to govern.

#1- Vow to speak to and about each other with respectful language and images. We are ALL God’s children regardless of color, politics, geography, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. Each life is precious.

#2- Listen as well as speak.

#3- Know that ultimately we are all dependent on something else for our joy, purpose, and well-being.

#4- Look out for one another: we do not need to confront those with differing opinions who cannot hear us; we should not turn a deaf ear to those who would threaten us; we must be watchful and respectful of one another, both allowing for our differences and taking action to protect others when we have reason to be concerned about the judgment and actions of those who would not allow for peaceful existence and differences.

Today’s tragedy IS a tragedy for all of us. We pray for the wounded, the deceased, their families, and the bystanders in particular. And we pray for the return of civility and respect in our political and personal discourse.


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