More than 25% of Kids and Teens in the U.S. Take Prescriptions on a Regular Basis

 Are you amazed? I am.  Yes, this includes asthma medications and insulin; however, it also includes hypertensive medications for obese youth, diabetes pills, sleep drugs, and psychotropic medications.  (NYT, Dec. 28, 2010, “So Young and So Many Pills” Anna Mathews)

This is a societal concern in addition to a family concern. Parents are the best monitor of a child’s health and needs, and society must support them in this crucial responsibility: access to quality, available, affordable health care specific for children. Such care is often lacking in communities: large and small, rural and urban.

Over 1/3 of American families are single parent-families. Add to their daily burdens the sole responsibility for monitoring health and emotional needs of their children.

There is a role for each of us to play. We can look out for and support our neighbors; we can volunteer in school, church and community youth activities; we can advocate for our youth and families with policy makers; we can be customers of family-friendly businesses and workplaces.


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