Happy New Year!

New Year’s is typically a serendipitous time for me, and this year is no different. I am so aware of my blessings and good fortune both personally and professionally in 2010. Indeed, the year also had its challenges and ‘twists’ in the road. Ah, life!

2011 promises more of the same: opportunities, success, and challenges.

AND what is not different for 2011 is the needed focus on the youth of our state, country and world and their needs for safety, family, and well-being. To be sure there are days where I wish that quest was ‘archaic’ and a remnant of times past. Most days I am too engaged in addressing those needs to consider much else. So special times, focused times, such as New Year’s are important times to recognize the challenges and to celebrate the opportunities for real change and real promise to America’s youth and families.

We at Policy & Performance need each of you! We need your courage, your experience, your wisdom, and most importantly your voices to join with us in engaging colleagues and leaders, in educating policy makers, and in speaking for children whose voices are not delivered or heard with the importance to which they are entitled: our most VALUED as well as our valuable resource!


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