Child Well-being in Oklahoma: Oxymoron?

According to the latest publications on child well-being state by state, Oklahoma is not doing so ‘well’:

Oklahoma’s domain rankings were:

  • 43rd in family economic well-being,
  • 41st in health well-being,
  • 47th in safe/risky behavior (levels of crime and use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs),
  • 38th in educational attainment,
  • 44th in community engagement (working, school engagement, and voting among young adults),
  • 49th in social relationships (percentage of children who have moved recently), and
  • 11th in emotional/spiritual well-being (suicide rate and religious attachment).

The Legislature is now in Session. A top priority is tax cuts which may only add damage to these statistics as services are cut. Oklahomans are a hard working, self-reliant people. We belief in self-responsibility. However, babies and vulnerable children and youth cannot control these factors. State leaders, advocates, and Legislators must step up to provide for a healthy, stable future for our families so that we can thrive in our independence.

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