Tough sledding continues.

The holiday season presents a stark contrast in 2011 especially. All of us want to enjoy this time of family, fun, special food and events, and personal ‘inventories’. This is an opportunity to focus on values, faith, goals, and dreams.

The contrast: people seeking work while Congress ‘punts’; hungry elderly whose buying power is diminished continually with rising prices in goods and services; single mother families whose poverty rate across this country in 2010 was a whopping 40.7%, the 1-in-5 children in the US who live in poverty and the 1-in-4 children at risk of hunger.

How do we/does society reconcile the joy we so seek during these holidays and the reality of our economy and our politics? Hope? Prayer? Action? Inaction?

If we can’t figure it out during the holidays when hearts and minds seem most dedicated to seeking true peace, harmony, and blessing, then will there be an answer?


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