Something to think about?

As we all know, budgets (government and personal) are and have been suffering greatly for most of us. We hear plenty of talk about tax cuts; restructuring the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; and in Oklahoma the weekly pleas of social services, city governments, education, and state employees for more fiscal resources.

Both in Oklahoma and nationally there are cries from Higher Education for more money and a well-presented case for raising tuition rates. The key is the tie of more college degrees to economic strength.

Yesterday I was presented with a different statistic that has paused me to think once more. It is reported that a poor child is 5 times more likely to also be poor between the ages of 25-30. In other words, poverty appears to breed poverty and be lingering for these youth. It follows that their mental, emotional and physical development may then not have them prepared (or interested?) in a college career. Economic strength may mean “where is my next meal” and “will I be warm enough tonight”?

The presenter of this poverty statistic goes on to suggest that in these lean times decision makers should be investing in young children and their development, if we must continue to make these hard choices.

Something to think about…….

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