It is NOT over!

I have been away from this blog. Waiting daily for Congress to pass something to allow debt limit to be raised while fighting harmful changes to Medicaid and programs for the poor. We all know that they finally did something!  Then we see the details.

I took some time to try and find relief.  Still no sign of relief, but it was refreshing not to have the constant screaming and blaming from DC on the airwaves 24/7!

HOWEVER, it is NOT over!  Health care, food stamps, Medicaid for the indigent, poor families, and foster kids is still on the chopping block. Maybe not today – Congress is on recess. But if the new Super Committee cannot come up with reasoned and adequate budget cuts by their November 23rd deadline for reporting out recommendations, nothing is spared the ax potentially…..poor, hungry, ill, infirm, old, foster kids!

Indeed, these cuts won’t heal!  And so my work continues.  And you are needed to help keep these concerns before your Congresspersons.

At least DC took a recess…..and I was able to gain my wind again!

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