Kids Need Our Votes

Childhood flies.
Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders….or problems. If healthy, fed, clothed,
educated, and given opportunities to advance their God-given talents under guidance
of caring adults, they will thrive, lead, and be the greatness America
is known for in the world. If ill or fragile in body and health, if hungry or
homeless, if underperforming in school for any reason whether frequent moves, oversized
classrooms, or mediocre teachers, if plagued by mental illness and domestic
violence, if forgotten in front of a television in lieu of supervised
activities, they will wither in silence or explode in frustration. They
can’t vote, but they are our future. We reap what we sow.


Will you vote Nov.
2nd. I pray that you do…..and I pray that you vote for candidates who will
invest in human capital – our children and their needs – for a healthy
future for each state and for America.




Laura W. Boyd,


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