There’s something about being a woman……

that is different!

Good and not so good.  Good: we live longer than men apparently.  Bad: we live longer than men.

This matter of additional days, months, or years takes on new meaning in the current federal budget debates.  IF social security payments are cut or do NOT have any cost of living increases available, women will be most disadvantaged as we live longer on less. (Does anyone think the cost of living will not rise in next 10-40 years? If you do, I have a “bridge”…….).  IF Medicare age of eligibility is raised, women will be the ones waiting longer (longest?) for access to health care and that doesn’t even look at the issue of what Medicare will cover in the future.  BECAUSE women remain the primary care givers in our society and BECAUSE society still does not pay women the same salaries for the same work as men, we do not have the equal or adequate social security savings in the first place… either from time off to raise children, responsibilities to tend to elderly parents, or flat out salary discrimination!

Humm, and this tiresome political wrangling over the budget continues to suggest the way to remedy this country’s fiscal problems will fall disproportionately on women.

Indeed, there’s something about being a woman that is different…..and unfair. I wonder if Democrats or Republicans would be focused on this set of ‘solutions’ if the majority of elected officials were women.  I doubt it.