We can do better.

the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released a report
stating that by 2020 three in four Americans will be overweight or obese if
current trends continue. We must look seriously at this epidemic. No amount of
tax cuts or tax increases can remedy the costs to pocketbooks of American
citizens when we start paying for ramifications of rampant ill health and disease
consequences of obesity. Look for the activities in your state by such groups
as Actions for Healthy Kids to see how you can support a lasting change for
future generations who must learn new ways to enjoy America’s ‘abundance’. We
can —and must—-do better.



Improving the system


Tuesday September
28th the Oklahoma House will hold a hearing on options for maximizing
public-private partnership in child welfare services for the state. Examination
of the experiences of other states will be discussed. Options for consideration
of system additions and/or reform in OK will be offered. Oklahoma is to be
applauded for recognizing the importance of maximizing private and community
resources in serving vulnerable families and foster youth. You are invited to come
listen: 9am, Room 412C at the State Capitol.

Traum-informed systems project

meeting today with OK-Dept of Human Services representatives.


The Chadwick
Center for Children and Families and the Child and Adolescent Services Research
Center (CASRC) at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, established the
Chadwick Trauma-Informed Systems Project (CTISP)
provide leadership in identifying effective treatments and developing
specialized service delivery models to serve victims of child abuse and
children exposed to domestic violence who are involved with the public child
welfare system


Oklahoma was
selected as one of 3 sites in the nation for the
Trauma-Informed Systems Project.   The CTISP will support the
evolution of public child welfare agencies into trauma-informed organizations
while also supporting the agencies’ efforts to serve as facilitators of
change in their communities.



Public-Private partnerships in Child Welfare

Just returned from 4 days in San Antonio at the 4th annual and final Quality Improvement Center – Privatization in Child Welfare conference. More than 30 states were represented by one public official and one private-sector official.
Quality of panel presentations, special speakers and break-out sessions was fantastic! Kansas, Florida, Missouri, and Illinois highlighted their histories and successes with privatization. All emphasized the importance of public childwelfare collaborating with private sector providers whether considering privatization or not. Final speaker was Bryan Samuels, Commissioner of Administration for Children and Families. What a leader and visionary!